NAD+ home test kit – TAP II Painless Collection System


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Our premium and painless system that automatically collects enough blood with just one click. No mess, no fuss. Our simplest and most practical home test kit to measure your NAD+ levels.

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Maintaining NAD+ levels is important to keep you feeling healthy, focused and revitalised. Most people are aware of NAD+ supplements including our patented sublingual wafer as well as intravenous infusions in our partner clinics. But when did you ask what are my NAD+ levels?

Whilst it is important to maintain optimum NAD+, too much of anything can be bad for you.

Our premium NAD+ home test kit uses the TAP II device to collect your sample. It is completely painless. Watch the video here. When carried out properly, there is very little chance of obtaining an inadequate sample which means the most reliable NAD+ result for you!

In a few simple steps you can find out your NAD+ levels and make sure you remain in optimal health.

  • Register your kit           
  • Collect your Sample         
  • Book DHL Collection            
  • Get your Result

The procedure:

When you receive your test kit, you must freeze your gel packs overnight and activate the test kit. Detailed instructions will be provided to guide you through your sampling procedure. The TAPII device will be used to automatically collect a sample of your blood into a tube with just one click.

Once your sample is collected, the portal will automatically book and schedule your DHL courier collection for the same day. You must be able to print your generated shipping label and tape this onto the outer carton.

Please note, DHL will collect from your house so you must be available to hand the package to the courier. As this is a blood sample, unfortunately it cannot be dropped off at a depot due to health and safety legislation.

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