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Well Being Blood Tests

General Well-Being Blood Tests

Understanding and keeping an eye on your individual health concerns requires checking your health. It provides you the ability to alter things and keep an eye on their effects. Well being blood tests include:
  • Well man and Well woman profiles
  • Various Hormones profiles
  • Cholesterol, kidney and liver function tests
  • Iron levels and allergy testing and so much more.

Why have a NAD blood test?

Maintaining NAD+ levels is important to keep you feeling healthy, focused and revitalised. Most people are aware of NAD+ supplements (or NMN) whether this is an oral, sublingual or intravenous infusion. But when did you ask what are my NAD+ levels?

Whilst it is important to maintain optimum NAD+, too much can be bad for you. There is increasing clinical evidence that show elevated NAD+ levels can cause you harm when these are sustained in the long term. (Lui Y Endocrinol (Lausanne). 2023 Apr 20;14:1164788. PMID: 37152934). (Ferrell, M., Wang, Z., Anderson, J.T. et al. A terminal metabolite of niacin promotes vascular inflammation and contributes to cardiovascular disease risk. Nat Med 30, 424-434 (2024))

NAD Medica is the UK’s first clinical diagnostic testing facility to measure NAD+ and NADH levels in fresh blood using a CE IVD test method. This means it is a diagnostic test. This can be done at home or with one of our clinic partners near you. Because we use fresh blood, our test methods are accurate and reproducible.

Home Test Kit

Our Home test kits are available as finger prick blood collection or using the premium TAP II device to measure NAD+ and NADH levels.

In-Clinic Test

Visit one of our clinic partners to have your NAD+ and NADH blood test. No hassle, No mess, results assured.

Prices from £199

NAD+ / NADH Home Testing

Our standard NAD+ home test kit uses a finger prick collection method to give you accurate NAD+ results from the UK’s first medical laboratory to measure NAD+ levels.

Our premium NAD+ home test kit uses the TAP II device to collect your sample. It is completely painless and without sore fingers afterwards. Watch the video here on how to use the TAP II device. Please note, you may need to shave part of your upper arm to make sure the device has a good seal. When carried out properly, there is less chance of obtaining an inadequate sample which means the most reliable NAD+ and NADH result for you!

In a few simple steps you can find out your NAD+ and NADH levels and make sure you remain in optimal health.
Step 1: Order your Home kit
Step 2:
Register your kit 
Step 3: Collect your Sample
Step 4: Book your free DHL Collection            
Step 5: Get your Result

Please note, DHL will collect your packaged from your house so you must be available to hand the package to the courier. As this is a blood sample, it cannot be dropped off at a depot due to health and safety legislation.

In-Clinic Testing

Why not have your NAD+ and NADH blood test with one of our clinic partners? If you cannot wait for couriers to collect your home kit or squeamish with blood, our Clinic Partners may be the best choice for you. Our Clinic Partners will take your blood sample, store the sample appropriately and send it to the laboratory using temperature controlled packaging and an approved courier.

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