NAD Medica is the UK’s first clinical diagnostic testing facility to quantify the NAD+ levels from patient blood samples which can be taken in clinic or via a home test kit. Our highly experienced staff and state-of-the-art technology allow us to offer excellent turnaround times so patients receive the information they need as soon as possible. In addition to this testing we provide a range of pathology services across multiple disciplines including biochemistry, haematology, immunology, molecular biology and sexual health screening.

NAD+ Blood Test

You will be able offer your patients NAD+ blood tests whilst we offer you all the consumables and stock you require for the test. The turnaround time for this test is currently 4-5 days but we aim to have this within 1-2 days in the near future. It is an effective tool to identify those deficient in NAD+ and monitor NAD+ levels before/after intravenous NAD+ therapy. Our NAD+ clinic testing service includes a next day pre-12 pm courier collection service. You also have the option to send results i) directly to your patients or ii) to the provider.

NAD+ Intravenous Drip

NAD Medica has been working hard to manufacture a pure and clean NAD+ drip. We are using pharmaceutical grade NAD+, not food grade, which is clean and independently verified by a UKAS analytical laboratory for potency and endotoxins. The NAD+ drip will be offered in a lyophilised state which can be reconstituted in saline for intravenous administration.

NAD+ Blood Test – Home Test Kit

Our home test kits are available as the standard finger prick or the premium TAP II collection methods. Patients are able to take their own sample, book a collection and our logistics team will handle it from there.

Sublingual NAD+

Sublingual NAD+ rapid absorption delivers 50 mg NAD+ into the blood stream under the tongue. This avoids the gastrocintestinal tract which means higher bioavailability, quicker absorption, safe delivery method and convenience. NAD Medica sublingual NAD+ will be available as 30 biofilms per pack with a recommendation of 1-2 films taken per day.

Client Portal

As a client of NAD Medica, patients and clinics will have access to a user-friendly web portal. Clinics will be able to register patients, book tests, view status and access patient reports. Patients will also be able to see a timeline of each event from when the sample was collected all the way through when the report is released being kept up to date via SMS.


NAD+ is a highly unstable metabolite which needs to transported to the lab as quickly as possible under temperature controlled conditions. Our specialist courier service is fully trained for the transport of these blood sample with a dangerous goods license. Our client portal is directly linked via API allowing clients to request collection for samples. This also allows them to track the samples being transported to the laboratory.